Walking is one of the most natural forms of exercise and has been around for virtually thousands of years. While walking is typically overlooked as an exercise type, the fact is that walking at a brisk pace can elevate the heart rate to that of jogging, while at the same time, burn almost as many calories. In addition, walking is an ideal substitute for individuals that have concerns with the impact that running has on their structural frame.

Regularly performing a walking routine is an excellent addition to an active lifestyle and is beneficial both physically and mentally. In addition, individuals with certain physical limitations, or injuries, may find that a walking routine is ideal for maintaining an active lifestyle while minimizing the detrimental effects of their condition.

Below is a breakdown of the various walking routines, divided into their level of difficulty. Each walking routine includes a description, the prerequisite requirements for each level of walking routine, and the exact training routine and schedule.

The walking routines are divided into four different levels of intensity and a 3 week maintenance training program that is to be performed in between the training routines and in between walking events and races.

Initial Beginner Walking Routine
Beginner Walking Routines
Intermediate Walking Routines
Advanced Walking Routine
3 Week Maintenance Walking Routine

*As with any fitness routine, it is highly recommended that you consult a medical physician prior to beginning the routine.

Walking Routines

Initial Walking Routines

Initial Walking Routines

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Beginner Walking Routines

Perform Walking Routine for Up to 3 to 6 Months
Consistently Walk 15 Miles per Week
Walk 3 to 4 Miles Several Times a Week

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