Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball Exercises are an excellent way to exercise the entire body and can be used to independently target and work the various muscle groups of the upper body, lower body, and core area.

Medicine balls are available in various sizes and typically range from 2 to 15 pounds in weight. The medicine ball weight variations allow the individual to increase the size and weight of the ball being used as their strength and endurance increases. In addition, individual's can also utilize the various medicine ball weights to quickly move from exercise to exercise. Medicine ball exercises are for all fitness levels and are recommended across all age groups.

Medicine ball exercises promote improved range of motion, core strength development, muscle strength and toning, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Medicine ball exercises can be performed by the individual or with a workout partner.

Medicine ball exercises are also excellent for developing core strength. Core strength conditioning includes the areas of the body associated with the lower back, abdominals, hips, and obliques. In addition, exercising the core area of the body will directly strengthen joints associated with the elbows, shoulders, and knees, and provide improved raw power and endurance for the arms and legs. Finally, exercising with a medicine ball allows multiple muscles to be exercised simultaneously. Exercises of this type promote mind-body and hand-eye coordination. In addition, many forms of medical institutions and physical therapy utilize medicine ball exercises as a form of rehabilitation.