Kettlebells have been around for 100's of years and are typically made from cast iron, are round in shape, and include a handle for grasping. Kettlebell exercises are an excellent way to achieve an overall body workout, while, at the same time, include isolation exercises that are designed to target individual muscle groups.

Similar to dumbbells, kettlebells are available in several different weight values and typically range in weight from 5 pounds to as high as 200 pounds. The ability to purchase kettlebells across a wide range of weight values allows each individual the flexibility to increase their kettlebell weight as their strength and endurance increase.

In addition, kettlebells also allow the individual to easily and rapidly perform different exercises using different Kettlebell weight values. This, in turn, allows the individual to quickly move from exercise to exercise and perform their exercise routine in an efficient manner.

Kettlebell exercises are ideal for men and women, all fitness levels, and across all age groups. Specific health and fitness benefits include improvements in overall range of motion, increases in core strength, improvements in muscular strength and tone, increases in cardiovascular endurance, and improvements in coordination, balance, and flexibility. Several of the kettlebell exercises are considered compound exercises. Compound exercises are exercises that require multiple muscle groups to be engaged during the performance of the exercise. Exercises of this type are ideal for developing mind-body synergy, hand-eye coordination, and core strength and explosiveness.