Body Weight

As its name implies, Body Weight Exercises are exercises that can be performed using only the body and gravity as the source of resistance.

For example, push-ups are considered a body weight exercise and can be performed without the use of any additional resistance or equipment. When performing a push-up gravity and the body provide the resistance and the chest and triceps muscles, to name just a few of the muscle groups involved, are required to overcome that resistance in order to successfully complete a repetition.

There are several health and fitness benefits associated with regularly performing resistance based exercises where the body is used as the sole source of resistance. This being said, the majority of the body weight exercises can be performed without the use of any equipment or additional resistance source. However, a floor mat can be used for additional comfort.

Virtually all of the body weight exercises, across the various primary muscle groups, require little space, can be executed quickly and efficiently, and are convenient to perform anywhere and at anytime. Body weight exercises utilize the weight of the individual and gravity as the resistance source. Individuals that are self-conscience about exercising in front of other individuals or are on a limited budget may find this beneficial as the body weight exercises eliminate the need to become a member of of fitness center as well as the cost of purchasing expensive exercise equipment. Finally, all primary muscle groups can be exercised when performing the various body weight exercises and are an excellent way to promote muscular development and tone, core strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.