Abdominals Flutter Kicks

Abdominals Flutter Kicks

Exercise Tips

  • A mat can be used for comfort
  • Keep your abs tight
  • Be sure to not kick your legs too high

This exercise targets your lower abdominals area and requires no equipment to perform.

Muscle Group


Secondary Muscle Group

Lower Abdominals


2 Days a Week to 3 Days a Week



Starting Position: Lie on the floor, face up with your arms resting at your sides, palms down. Your legs should be shoulder width apart, fully extended, 6 inches off the floor, knees slightly bent. Your head should be also be about 6 inches off the floor.

  1. Keeping your head off the floor and your arms by your sides, slowly lift your right leg about 6 inches higher than starting position. Keep your left leg the same.
  2. Return your right leg to starting position, and as you do so, lift your left leg to about 6 inches higher than starting position.
  3. Alternate legs accordingly, keeping the movements small and rapid.
  4. Repeat this exercise until you have completed all repetitions for the set.